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Personal Development and Wellbeing

Practical personal development skills to take control of your workload and wellbeing

As a busy healthcare professional, dealing with an increasing workload in a highly pressured environment can be a challenge. In our live and on-demand personal development sessions, we’ll explore tools, tips and behaviours that will help you build resilience, lead effectively and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Our FREE seminar programme will focus on the following ways to help you take back control:

Managing stress and fighting burnout
Effective strategies for managing stress have never been so important and are essential to your overall wellbeing, but putting these into practice is often easier said than done. Our expert speakers will give you short and simple practical tips and demonstrate that even small changes can make a big impact.

Leadership skills
Our expert consultants will give you practical advice on motivating teams, managing up as well as down, and how to build your assertiveness. Sessions are suitable for all levels of experience, whether you are a new leader looking to develop your skills, or an established manager looking for a different approach.

Time Management
Our time management tasters will give you a toolbox of helpful hints and tips to reclaim hours into your day, boosting your productivity and improving your work-life balance.

Yoga at BMJ Live - Personal Development and Wellbeing stream

Yoga and mindfulness
Why not kick off your morning with our live yoga or mindfulness workshops? These online classes will give you a boost of energy and teach you a range of techniques that you can use to bring balance to your daily work.

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