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Keynote: A Double Pandemic: The Psychological Impact of COVID-19

Friday 8 October - 09:00 - 10:00

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented psychological trauma around the globe, leading to concerns not just about the physical impact of COVID-19 but also about a parallel pandemic of mental illness. This talk will present data on how mental health and wellbeing have been affected (i) cross-nationally in countries around the world, (ii) longitudinally as social restrictions have come in and out, and (iii) across different demographic groups. It will consider why and how the pandemic has led to such effects, what the future patterns are likely to be as we emerge from the pandemic and in the years following, and what the implications of this could be for health services.


Daisy Fancourt
Associate Professor of Psychobiology & Epidemiology and Wellcome Research Fellow at University College London
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