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The trouble with conflict in your team may be that there’s not enough of it

Friday 8 October - 13:00 - 14:00

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In this session, Dr Rachel Morris, host of the You Are Not A Frog podcast, GP and Team coach talks about conflict in the workplace – specifically why we are so scared of it and why it is so important. Fear of conflict produces artificial harmony which can lead to avoidance of the important conversations which need to take place to solve the complex problems teams in healthcare are facing. In this interactive workshop, we’ll discuss how teams can become dysfunctional, why important issues get swept under the carpet and how to increase the amount of constructive conflict in your team so that everyone feels able to commit to decisions and hold each other to account. We’ll share some practical tips and techniques to uncover hidden issues and get people to be open and honest about what they really think so that your team can make better decisions, be more productive and successful.

This is an interactive workshop that will help you to understand our own responses, and those of other people. It will enable you to identify and change your response to some of the things that regularly cause us to feel stressed at work and home.


Rachel Morris
GP turned Executive Coach
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