Lee David

Lee David
GP with an interest in mental health and cognitive behavioural therapy

Dr. Lee David is a GP with an interest in mental health and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). She also has experience in the use of mindfulness, acceptance, and commitment therapy (ACT) and compassion-focused therapy. She practices as a CBT therapist and coach, offering sessions via video consultation, and has a clinical role within the Practitioner Health Service (https://www.practitionerhealth.nhs.uk)  providing support for Doctors struggling with emotional difficulties. 

She has a particular interest in promoting patient self-management for physical and emotional problems, as well as in supporting health professionals to develop emotional resilience and wellbeing at work. She is the director of 10 Minute CBT (www.10minuteCBT.co.uk), which provides education for health professionals to develop skills in the use of evidence-based, realistic, and effective brief CBT concepts in routine consultations, including supporting the management of mental and physical health, chronic disease, medication adherence, and for cancer and palliative care.  She is also interested in adolescent health and has recently developed a new training programme using brief CBT strategies to bring into schools.

Dr. David is the author of two books: Using CBT in General Practice: The 10 Minute CBT Handbook (Scion Publishing,2013) and her second book, Managing Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care was also published in 2020.


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