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Attendee Top Tips

Top tips on how to maximise your time at the BMJ Careers Fair

Here are our top tips on how to get the best out of attending the 2019 BMJ Careers Fair. This two-day event is packed with career guidance to help you define your future career path. Access over 80 recruiters all under one-roof!

Before you arrive

  • Browse the list of recruiters who will be attending, and take a note of those that you’d like to meet
  • Have a look through the free seminar programme featured within the event guide, and make a quick schedule of the sessions you’d like to attend
  • Update your CV and print out a few copies to bring along

At the Careers Fair

  • First, head over to our CV checking and Careers advice session to book a free one-to-one slot with one of our expert advisors. These are popular and will sell out fast!
  • Check out the jobs board for Live vacancies, and add those recruiters to your list of stands to visit.
  • Have a look to see if any of your chosen recruiters are hosting a seminar – attending their session will give you an overview of what they do, and help start the conversation.
  • Stands will be busiest in the breaks, but many of our seminars are repeated throughout the day. Think about how you can best balance your time between both

Top tips for engaging with recruiters / exhibitors

  • Prepare a brief introduction on who you are and what sort of role you are looking for to kick off the conversation
  • Bring along enough copies of your CV so you can talk through your experience in more detail.
  • Prepare a few relevant questions to ask so you can tell if the position will be right for you
  • Find out what the next steps are in the application process, and make sure to get the name and contact details of the person you connected with

After the event

  • Follow the recruiters advice for applying for any of their roles, follow up in a timely manner, ideally within a few days
  • Send a quick follow up correspondence to the people you connected with within 24 hours.
  • Download the slides from any seminars you attended, and make a note of your next steps. Review these actions in 2 months time to see if you have been able to implement them.

My Personal Agenda

To help you plan and get the best out of your time at BMJ Live, we have provided a personal agenda template to allow you to start planning your day. You can use this template to decide which exhibitors you wish to meet, the seminars you would like to attend and if you plan to book a 1-2-1 slot with our expert career advisors.

How to register

Ensure you pre-register before the event to receive the latest updates about the Careers Fair and the organisations attending. Also visit the website for all the latest programme updates at

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